• New skills learnt 100%
  • Finished on time 100%
  • Sales Increased by… 58%

We started off with a full web design using the WordPress CMS system, since the owner wanted something they could edit on the fly. The full website can be viewed here. We then thought about bringing the shop into the digital age and having an online ordering system. The concept was very new to the small town of Tenbury Wells, however, we went for it!

In the beginning the owner was going to use JustEat, this turned out to be an expensive £300 per week. The very first thing I did was do some research and find out exactly how many people lived in Tenbury Wells, it was 3,777. Paying JustEat £300 would not tally up with the amount of people living in the town, so we decided to look further afield.

We wanted something we had more control over, so we looked into using GloriaFood’s API. I then made our menu digital which was painstaking to say the least. Nevertheless, we got there! The system was live and online, I also connected the API to the website and a Facebook iFrame tab.

Nobody knew if this old town would even accept the very first online ordering system.

However, within the first week of being live the shop doubled in sales. The online system seemed to be doing a fantastic job for them. We had an issue, as the orders were pouring in, the girls on the counter were writing the orders out manually, which took time. After visiting Spar store next door for a little bit of shopping, I seen they had thermal printers to print receipts out. I started to wonder whether I could install a thermal for the online ordering system.

I had never used thermal printers before, this was a new concept to me. I got straight onto Ebay and ordered a Star thermal printer with a box of rolls, I also ordered an Ethernet cable for the router. After a couple of hours configuring and reading manuals, it was installed. Orders were pouring in and the printer was going crazy.

To this very day the online ordering system takes more orders than the phone, that day we didn’t just create and online ordering system. We bought an old town into the digital age, best of all? It was totally FREE!

Check out the statistics…

We can see the system is consistently now making £10,000 per month in sales just with the online system. It has grown massively since 2019.

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