Laura and Craig Walton contacted me in need of a web design to showcase their services and portfolio.

I decided not to use WordPress on this occasion and went for cold hard HTML / CSS coding, because it would not need updating very often. Using HTML and CSS cuts down on security risk since there are no web applications or logins behind the website.

Laura wanted something simplistic that was easy on the eye yet screamed architectural development. I came up with the silver color scheme which worked really well. So using my coding skills and my graphical designer, we got to work and completed this project within 3 days, I gave 6 just in case we ran into any issues.

Laura was very happy with the outcome and was happy to reside on my dedicated server, and it still with me to this day. I offered lifetime updates free of charge to make changes to portfolio if required.

Feel free to browse CLW Design.

  • Finished on time 100%
  • Customer Satisfaction 100%
  • CSS Used 50%
  • HTML Used 50%
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