Can you build High Authoritative contextual links on places like Huffington Post? Blast your clients to #1 with high authority links.

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100% Manual Outreach

I personally contact each and every website manually.


Do-Follow Links Only

We do not build no-follow links.


Very High Stipulations

Our standards are high; PA50+ and DA+50+.

How does the service work?

Step-by-step on how my service works

Send me your order.

Send along niche, clients link, budget and any stipulations you require; DA, PA, PR etc.

Manual Outreach

I will manually contact every website I can find within the given stipulations.


A battle of negotiating will commence to get the best price possible for the publication(s).

Review of links.

You can review and choose links within budget and stipulation set.

Make Payment.

Once you have chosen links, make payment for the linking fees.

Content Creation.

Content creation will begin, got ideas for topics? Send them along. If you want to use your own content, that is also fine.

Final Review.

You can review the final content before anything goes live, this is to make sure everything is correct.


The order is completed and the links are sent directly to you in a linking report.

Give your clients the boost they need.

With Google algorithm’s constantly changing, the need for higher quality links is at an all time high. Gone are the days of quantity over quality. To reach #1 in the rankings it is imperative you build high quality links with good quality content.

Boost traffic, PR and SEO all at the same time.

When it comes to link-building, many companies focus on just the SEO aspect. Why not focus on traffic aswell as PR? When you publish to high traffic websites, the content will get read by thousands of people, this will boost traffic towards your client sites.

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What clients are saying


I have been buying high authority links from Luke now for just over 10 years. The links are some of the best links I have bought and have helped with SEO in a huge way, the links provided beat 100 normal links 10 fold. The service is also very fast, the two reviews before submission makes certain there are no mistakes. I still use the service and will continue to do so, I highly recommend it.

Ryan Tomlinson,

Lukes service has supplied our company with hundreds of links throughout the years we have been in busines with his service. The links are very good quality along with the supplied content. It’s one of those services we cannot afford to lose becuase of the high quality links.

Ken Lapp,

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Kenn Lapp,

I place an order every month without fail. Though some links might be a little pricy, it is well worth it. I initially used the service as part of SEO campaigns, though our clients started receiving traffic from the publications themselves. Great service all round!

Jamie Anderson,

Frequently asked questions from customers

What customers have asked before

How many orders can you handle?

This is a manual high quality service, we do not use PBN’s so I cannot publsh hundreds of blogs every month. The purpose of this service is quality over quantity. Remember, just 1 single link on a high authority website beats hundreds possibly thousands of smaller quality links.

How much do high authority posts cost?

The fees for my outreach service is $40 per link that goes live. The cost of the links themselves will vary upon stipulations and quality of website. The higher the level of authority the higher the price, this price gets paid straight to the editor of that particular website.

Can I use my own content?

Yes! Infact, I actively encourage it. This is because you know more about your client(s) than I do. You know what they are looking for in terms of content and quality. If you woud like me to do the content – there may be a writers fee, depending on the quality required.

How long does it take to get published?

The time it takes to publish can vary from 24 hours up to 2 weeks. This depends on how large the website is, for example; Huffington Post publishes hundreds of posts per month, getting one publushed here may take up to two weeks.

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