About Me

My name is Luke Murphy, after more than 13 years out of education, I have decided to jump right in and do an undergraduate degree with the Open University. I am currently enrolled and studying a Bsc Cyber Security.

On top of this I am halfway through gaining my Cisco CyberOps and my CCNA.


I am not new to computing, I have knowledge in many areas of the industry. My main expertise is in web design using WordPress CMS, I also have a deep understanding of Internet Marketing such as SEO, PPC and Email Marketing.

I have had the opportunity to work with large SEO campaigns for organisations such as Landrover Jaguar and GCHQ within the recruitment aspect of the companies.

I also possess an A+ in computer engineering and have my N+ for computer networking.


View one of my accreditation’s here.


I decided to take up studying with the Open University because I did not want to be tied down into a brick university, I actually like the freedom of distance learning. Distance learning means it is possible to learn at a pace that suits me, without the distractions of other people.

I have always self-taught subjects but never actually got the experience down on paper, I only have real-world experience, so the degree would be a great asset to what I already know. Though I am actually looking forward to learning new subjects such as software engineering and networking.

What is the blog for?

I decided to start the blog as a side project, my purpose is to treat it as a learning tool, to help me engrain the new knowledge and make it stick. A lot of people do this successfully by taking notes, but I am going to blog about my new knowledge.

The purpose of this blog is not to “teach” anyone, but if you take something away from it then that is fantastic. The blog is simply as a reference for what I am doing, kind of like an online set of notes.

Fact is, the more we read and write about the things we are trying to learn, the more we will remember it and the more it will stick!

Note: The subject(s) talked about on my blog is my own content, research and my own way of explaining things within the OU (Open University) modules. None of the material is copied in any way from the textbooks, nor is any of the answers featured here in any way from the module exams; TMA, iCMA or otherwise.

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